Learn from today’s pioneers. Become tomorrow’s trailblazer.

Learn from today’s pioneers.
Become tomorrow’s trailblazer.

Shaun Newsum
Co-Founder of Culture Genesis, Serial Entrepreneur & Previous Software...
$40 Question
$200 Session
Cedric Rogers
Co-Founder of Culture Genesis. CEO @All Def. Previously Apple, MuckerLabs...
$40 Question
$250 Session
Jeff Hamilton
Legendary Fashion Designer, Collaborations with Drake,The Weekend, Michael...
$150 Question
$1500 Session
Tiffany Haddish
Comedian & Actress here to inspire and help elevate the next generation of...
$50 Question
$750 Session
Cynthia Bailey
Inspiring positivity, empowering women, and sharing valuable insights. Ask me.
$50 Question
$450 Session
James Cole, Jr.
💼 Hedge Fund Owner, 💵Venture Capitalist, 🎬 Film Producer, 💰Philanthropist
$50 Question
$250 Session
Connecting with your favorite thought
leaders just got easier.
Maurice Mo Betta Brown
MoBetta | Free Nationals | Anderson Paak 8 Grammys 🏆
$25 Question
$150 Session
Sakiya Sandifer
Founder of XSSORTMENTS, Biz Strategy Advisor & Design Consultant. Former Yeezy.
$30 Question
$125 Session
Let's connect to discuss, MVP development building a company & all things tech.
$25 Question
$200 Session
Arlan Hamilton
Arlan Hamilton is an investor and the founder and managing partner of Backstage.
$50 Question
$250 Session
Cortez Bryant
5.0 (4)
Assemble |BluePrint Music Group, Formerly: Wayne, Nicki, Drake, (For Charity 🎗)
$20 Question
$200 Session
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Is This The New Wave?
I still can’t belive I was able to get in contact with my idol let alone receive advice! Growing up in Arkansas, I’ve always dreamed of pursuing a career in music, and I grew up listening to Young Money Cash Money. Being able to speak directly to Cortez Bryant and pick his brain is unbelievable. He gave me such great advice and I was left feeling like Hollywood isn’t too far away now. Thank you Assemble! Thank you Cortez! Chris Martin
I recently had a 1 on 1 session with Sakiya and I must say it was an amazing experience. He provided me with invaluable guidance on everything from sourcing fabrics to sales strategy. I was impressed by Sakiya's background, having worked behind the scenes of multiple billion dollar brands. I am grateful for my experience with Sakiya and Assemble and highly recommend them to anyone looking for guidance in the fashion industry. Kat Pasion
I am a huge fan of Hena Doba, and I’ve always admired her journey being a female from Pakistan and rising to the top in broadcast journalism. To think that I could actually have the opportunity to speak to her directly blows my mind. As an aspiring television anchor, my time with her was one of the most profound moments in my life. This platform is amazing. Thanks! Claudia Valdez
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How does it work?
ASSEMBLE is a platform that enables individuals to discover and directly connect with experts of diverse backgrounds to get personalized advice and coaching via short video calls, video responses and online courses
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