Arlan Hamilton

Entrepreneurship 2.0

Welcome to Arlan’s world as she shares with you the old and new rules of Entrepreneurship. In this course she dives into raising capital, understanding capital, setting yourself up for success and understanding that no matter what; you belong in the room.

1. Assemble with Arlan | Free Trial

In this episode Arlan shares with you how to build a proper foundation for your company from Day 1. Opening a business sounds fun but Arlan delivers the practical realities of what it takes to keep it going.

2. Angels

In this course Arlan defines what angel investors are and the roles they play in the business ecosystem; sharing with you the good and bad things to look out for as well as best practices to nurture those relationships.

3. Breaking Into Tech | Free Trial

It’s often hard to be the only person in the room that looks like you. Listen to Arlan as she shares with you ways to find yourself and walk into any room ready to compete with your own unique advantages.

4. Deal Flow

Arlan breaks down the concept of deal flow and investors seek out and receive their investment opportunities. Highlighting how Backstage capital go about seeking investment and ways for you to break though the noise to get on the agenda of potential investors.

5. From No Money, To Knowing Money | Free Trial

Arlan identifies the approach you must take and the attitude you must have as you seek to raise capital which is ultimately a path from no money to knowing money.

6. The Importance of a Team

Arlan shares why she thinks a team is important and how you should approach recruiting a team and retaining your team. She uses a personal example of how she built her team and culture at Backstage which has yielded much success

7. Knowing When To Pivot

Some of the biggest companies today have been born out of a pivot. Arlan shares her definition of being adaptable and how being open and flexible can sometimes aid you when certain signs appear and it's time to pivot on your existing business idea.

8. Seizing The Moment | Chris Sacca

Arlan breaks down idea of seizing the moment, including a personal story of how she tracked down a prominent billionaire after a conference to become a mentor an investor in her. She explains how she was prepared before the moment, how she overcame the odds and how that relationship has been instrumental to her ongoing success.