Cortez Bryant

Intro To Music Management

Meet your esteemed mentor, Cortez Bryant as he introduces you to rules of the Music Management Industry.

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1. Becoming An Entertainment Music Manager | Free Trial

Cortez shares his journey of entering the Music Industry and going from Lil Wayne’s best childhood friend to his right hand in business. He explains how he was a novice, how he approached the steep learning curve and why these skill sets were essential to his and his artist’s success.

2. Strategies To Build Your Career in Music | Free Trial

Serving your artist is the most important function of an Artist Manager’s job, however that can become quite complicated as your artist grows. Cortez shares with you all of the additional jobs and roles that can be created to help keep the ball rolling.

3. White Boarding A BluePrint

Creating a blueprint for your artist before your artist embarks on their unique journey is the key to being a successful manager and Cortez shares with you the way he approaches creating roadmaps for his artists.

4. Dealing with Record Labels

Cortez explains how to approach dealing with record labels, breaking down the different type of deal structures, entities involved as well as the pros and cons of it all.

5. Music Publishing

Cortez breaks down how money is made in the world of music. He shares all the ways money is generated in the music industry and highlights the tasks and roles of music publishers.

6. Understanding Publicity

In a no excuse environment, Cortez speaks on the various stages of publicity and how to effectively use the art of public relations to protect artists, position their brands and effectively communicate to gain exposure.

7. The World of Contracts

Cortez speaks on the importance and role that contracts play in the music industry. Sharing with you the infrastructure that you should put in place and key hires you should make as a manager to make sure you are protecting yourself and artist.

8. Album Release Strategies

Cortez shares with you how he and his partners have formulated a playbook strategy for releasing albums highlighting rollout strategies for Lil Wayne, Drake and more.

9. Overseeing Production Part 1

Cortez shares with you his philosophy or understanding yourself as well as your capabilities and putting together a team that helps your artists produce art that is visually, sonically and satisfying to all.

10. Overseeing Production Part 2

In this Course, Cortez bring in the artist Lil Twist as they have a listening session and casual dialogue around Twist future career.

11. Touring & Merchandise

Cortez shares with you his thoughts around touring. Highlighting all of the elements, complexities and strategies to consider when organizing a tour and ways to monetize in the short term and long term for your artist.

12. Understanding Digital Marketing as a Manager | Free Trial

Keeping up with marketing trends is a must for any music manager in a fast paced environment such as the Music industry. Cortez shares with you his thoughts on current marketing trends and the tools that all managers should understand, utilize and embrace.