Maurice Brown

The Rules of the Trumpet

Meet Grammy Winning Trumpeter Maurice Brown as he takes you on a journey to discover your technique and master the art of the Trumpet as well as the Business or the craft. FULL COURSE AVAILABLE DECEMBER 8TH.

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1. Practicing How You Want To Play | Free Trial

In this course Maurice shares with you how he approaches the concept of practicing. It’s important to challenge yourself, think of where you want to be and hone in on all of the notes, genres and styles that work for you.

2. The Art and Science of Ear Development | Free Trial

Have you ever heard a song and wanted to replicate what you heard? In order to do so you must train your ears. In this course listen to Maurice share with you how he trains his ears and formulate his own method to replay those notes.

3. The Science and Art of Using Air & Sound | Free Trial

Did you know that air is sound? Maurice shares with you how to see air as soundwaves and beautiful notes, and ways to use your aperture to create specific notes.