Rosezetta Upshaw
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Award-winning business lawyer at your service.
Rosezetta Upshaw
Award-winning business lawyer at your service.
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Award-winning attorney Rosezetta Upshaw is a highly-sought-after business lawyer, investor, international speaker, and the owner of Born into a family of entrepreneurs, she is passionate about helping business owners protect and accelerate their profits. Her law firm offers a full suite of business law services including trademarks, acquisitions, corporate formation, and contracts. Rosezetta recently acquired a multi 7-figure glass installation company called Preferred Glass and Windows in Santa Clarita and is actively expanding her investment portfolio using creative financing strategies.   Rosezetta is from Vallejo, California and earned her B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and received her J.D. from the University of Southern California. She is a Past President and Lifetime Member of Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, Inc. and a Lifetime Member of the Langston Bar Association. In 2020 Rosezetta was named Lawyer of the Year by the Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce and a Top 40 Under 40 Lawyer by the National Bar Association. Most recently, Rosezetta received the 2023 Queen Rising Award from The Bella Network.   Rosezetta’s extensive record of community service and advocacy started over 25 years ago as a volunteer in juvenile detention centers and has earned her formal recognition from the United States House of Representatives for Outstanding Service and formal recognition from her home state as a California State Legislature Martin Luther King Humanitarian Award Nominee. Rosezetta is a highly engaging professional speaker who has provided keynotes and presentations worldwide. Rosezetta is also a classically trained musician who toured internationally on bass guitar and upright bass before practicing law. Rosezetta recently launched an inspirational apparel line with her younger brother, pilot and Lieutenant Jamar Upshaw, called Afro Aviator, to remind us all that the sky is not the limit.   

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