Nadir Pearson
A trusted friend for branding, marketing, and influencer strategy. Specializing in IP licensing + cannabis.
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When you need someone you can count on with: - Developing your unique brand + marketing strategy - Putting together monthly / quarterly content calendars + ideas - Sourcing influencers, designers, and creators - Advising entrepreneurs & companies on structures for collaborations, endorsements, and any IP licensing deals. I have spent the last 8 years fusing the worlds of media, entertainment, and fashion with the growing cannabis industry. I am truly living my dream of connecting the fastest growing brands in and outside of cannabis with the savvy operators eager to innovate in the world of IP licensing. I serve as an agent within cannabis representing brands and creators including Carrots By Anwar Carrots, Higher Celebrations, Danielson Williams, and Camp Canna. My marketing experience comes from time spent at High Times (the most notable cannabis media company) and where I advised on campaigns for industry-leading brands like GPen, Cannabiotix, and Zig-Zag generating hundreds of millions of engagements online. Let's put our minds together and create.

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